December 2017 Closing Days

December 2017 Closing Days

We are away with the group in Kerala and

The Shop will be closed from the 24th December @ 1pm

till the 9th of January 2018

The shop will re-open with regular hours from the 10 January 2018

Mail orders will be sent out after the 11th of January 2018

Apologies for the inconvenience




Cherubs shelf-sitter – €7.99
Beautifully crafted white resin cherubs perfect to sit on a mantelpiece or shelf (price is for 1 piece) – approx 9cm tall, an ideal gift for any occasion



Christmas Hampers Click & Collect

Christmas Hampers Click&Collect

New Christmas presents sets in hamper style, ready to pick up… To purchase, click on the pictures – Thanks!

Hamper 1 – €9.99: a selection of 3 Incense sticks or cones and 1 holder
OR a small Oil Burner with 1 packet of Wax Melts

Hamper 2 – €12.50: 7 Chakra Stones Crystals, a Chakra engraved Incense Holder and 1 FREE Chakra Incense from Green Tree

Hamper 3 – €15.00: a selection of 5 Crystals in different forms and shapes and a FREE Silk Pouch Holder OR a Himalaya Tinted Lip Balm, Himalaya Kajal and leather Lipstick Holder

Hamper 4 – €16.99: 1 Ceramic Oil Burner with 2 Natural Essential Oils OR a Khadi Choccolate Indulgence Body butter, Lip Balm and Scrub Soap

Hamper 5 – €19.99: 1 Leather Journal medium size and 1 Brass Buddha Statue OR a Travelling Kit (Khadi Mint Face Spray, Himalaya Sunscreen Lotion, Dabur Rose Water and 2 FREE small soaps)

Hamper 8 – €72.50: a storage Wooden Box with 12 Essential Oils


Fairy Friends – Fairy Dust Necklaces

fairydustFairy Friends – Fairy Dust Necklaces

“Find a lovely fairy door.
Take a pinch of fairy dust
and sprinkle it around.
The fairies will take notice
and they’ll come out through the door
and play”

You can purchase these lovely necklaces through our website following this link:

Fairy Dust Necklace

Himalayan Salt t-light & oil burne

Himalayan Salt t-light & oil burner – €15.99

A t-light holder made of the beneficial Himalayan salt, used to warm up a shatter-proof glass lid of the oil burner. The lamp is sitting on an iron dish holder.

The Himalayan salt has an age of about 250 million years .
The salt crystals, products from the sea and from the land , make it more stable, more harmonious and give energy to the environment. This salt, due to its chemical structure , in contact with air, light and heat, radiates negative ions, which neutralize positive ions emitted from electronic equipment (such as televisions and computers), maintaining healthy environments. In addition, the orange light of the lamps, warm and soft, has a very beneficial effect on both emotional and spiritual level (according to the color orange color therapy is relaxing and stimulates the joy of living)

You can purchase one by following this link