Himalayan Salt t-light & oil burne

Himalayan Salt t-light & oil burner – €15.99

A t-light holder made of the beneficial Himalayan salt, used to warm up a shatter-proof glass lid of the oil burner. The lamp is sitting on an iron dish holder.

The Himalayan salt has an age of about 250 million years .
The salt crystals, products from the sea and from the land , make it more stable, more harmonious and give energy to the environment. This salt, due to its chemical structure , in contact with air, light and heat, radiates negative ions, which neutralize positive ions emitted from electronic equipment (such as televisions and computers), maintaining healthy environments. In addition, the orange light of the lamps, warm and soft, has a very beneficial effect on both emotional and spiritual level (according to the color orange color therapy is relaxing and stimulates the joy of living)

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